Behind the Scenes of Our Musical: Everyone is a Star!

Behind the Scenes of Our Musical: Everyone is a Star!

At the core of our summer camp lies a cherished tradition that has captivated both participants and their parents year after year: the crafting of a unique musical designed to showcase the abilities and potential of every individual child who takes part.

An Inclusive Creative Journey

Our adventure towards the grand finale begins on the very first day of camp, as teachers and choreographers start getting acquainted with the newcomers. They observe not only the dance and acting skills but also aim to understand the essence of each child: their interests, quirks, and what makes them unique. This deep, individual insight allows us to tailor the musical in such a way that every participant can truly shine.


Embracing Every Dance Style

It is our priority to ensure that all dance styles taught at the camp are represented in the musical. From ballet to hip-hop, modern to videodance, we strive to craft a variety of numbers that reflect the diverse talents of our participants. This approach not only enables each child to perform in the genre where they feel most confident but also provides an extraordinarily rich and varied performance experience.


Customization and Personalization

The magic of our creative process lies in our ability to adapt the musical to highlight each participant’s potential. Whether it’s a soloist with a powerful voice, a breakdancer with exceptional moves, or a group excelling in contemporary dance, we find ways to incorporate their talents into the show, ensuring that every child has their moment in the spotlight.


A Shared Celebration

The culmination of these two weeks of dedication, fun, and artistic growth is the final show evening, to which all parents are invited. It’s a moment of sheer joy, where the camp community comes together to celebrate the talent, effort, and passion of these young artists. Each year, we are amazed by the level of professionalism and creativity achieved in such a short time, but the truth is, we know the secret to this success: careful planning, a team of passionate teachers and choreographers, and most importantly, the heart and soul of each child that participates.


Our summer musical is more than just a performance; it is a testament to the uniqueness of each child, the beauty of diversity, and the magic that arises when every talent is valued and celebrated. This is the philosophy that drives our camp: to believe in the potential of every young artist and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves, grow, and shine.

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