• Al Passo Camp is a summer camp where boys and girls ranging from 5 to 17 years old can practise artistic disciplines, sports and recreational activities. Al Passo Camp will take place in the location and period indicated in the website ( The participants will be assigned to the groups most suitable for them according to their age and the dance styles they practise. 
  • To enrol you have to fill the Association membership form (to become member of the association “Una Direzione”) and the Al Passo Camp enrollment form, pay the advance payment and send the certificate of good health.
  • When a reservation is canceled the advance payment will not be refunded unless there are serious and proven justifications. 
  • The participants will have to behave respectfully and be willing to participate to the different activities. Violation of the rules and disrespect towards the staff members may lead, when particularly severe, to expulsion.
  • The weekly schedule might be modified during the stay in order to ensure maximum satisfaction for the participant, in case of insufficient number of students in certain classes, and in case it’s suggested by any circumstance. 
  • In case of damages to the facilities, the costs may be charged to the participant who caused the damage. 

Additional information 

  • We suggest that boys and girls do not have their mobile phones with them, as in every apartment landline is avaible. If you decide differently, please be aware that we’ll take no responsiblity for any damage or loss of the device, and that the use of mobile phones will be allowed only when the participants are in their rooms.
  • Small amounts of money (to be used for the amusement park, and to buy snacks or small presents) may be left to your children; we suggest – when appropriate – that you leave the money in our small “Alpassocamp bank”: money will be managed by our staff and given in smaller amounts to the participants when they need them.
  • Participants are not allowed to have and take medicines by themselves. In case of need, medicines will have to be handed to our staff, together with indications of dosage and a written note from the parent granting permission to give the medicine(s) to their child. 
  • It is possible to use one’s own soap to wash the clothes; in every apartment, on the terrace, a drying rack is available. Hand-washing powder/liquid is not allowed. A washing machine is also available (cost is 4 euros per washing cycle).

    Required equipment

    sports shoes – for the swimming pool, swim cap (compulsory), plastic slippers or flip flops, beach towel/bathrobe – windbreaker – bathrobe for small children (towels are provided by the facility) – hair dryer (small children’s hair dryer will have to be handed to the staff) – sunscreen – mosquito repellent – sweater for evenings – bum bag – small backpack – cap (extremely important).

    – ballet: leotard and tights, pointe shoes and demi pointe shoes
    – modern-jazz: modern-jazz cloths with socks
    – hip-hop/break dance: free, but with a pair of shoes dedicated exclusively to hip-hop
    – tennis: tennis racket, and a pair of shoes dedicated exclusively to this activity
    – soccer: soccer cleats or sports shoes

    For all the other activities no specific equipment is required.