It was the summer of 1999 when we first decided to create a summer intensive for dance students. We wanted them to have the possiblity to dance during the 3 months Italian summer break. And we wanted them to stay in a place far from their daily routine, a place where they could improve not only as dancers but also as persons. After all only some of them would become professional dancers, but all of them would be grown men and women some day, so their growth as human beings was to be considered a priority.

We chose a place surrounded by nature. The summer camp was a real success!

The years went by and we had more and more attendees, but our passion and care (our staff/attendee ratio is 1/4!) never changed. And we have added additional activities for non-dancers, expecially sports.

For our 2019 edition the recipe will be the same: dance, sport, seaside, entartainment and fun!